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20 Bekasi Children Enter Selection Join the Lion Cup

20 Bekasi Children Enter Selection Join the Lion Cup

20 children from Bekasi were selected to join the selection of U-12 teams who will join the Singa Cup in Singapore next November Agen Sbobet. These children were selected from the U-12 soccer championship called Okky Splash Youth Soccer League (OSYSL) in Bekasi which took place since 29 July.

The U-12 football championship in Bekasi itself was won by SSB MDS Raya who defeated Petrostream 2-0 in the final match which took place at Muda Jaya Stadium, Bekasi, Sunday (13/08/2017). In total, there are 16 SSBs participating in OSYSL Bekasi. The players who participated in the majority selection came from two SSBs who performed in the final.

Bekasi became the fourth place of the U-12 Football Championship. Previously, this championship was held in Bogor and Tangerang.Selanjutnya event will be held in Jakarta in September.

According to Okky Splash Manager, Bayu Satria, his side is very proud and happy to hold this event. “We are concerned with the development of early soccer coaching.By Okky Splash Youth Soccer League U-12 we want more young talent of Indonesian football to Front is born, “Bayu said as the release received

The best players of the four OSYSL series will be chosen to join the Singa Cup team. “The purpose of this event is the Lion Cup, where the best players will be chosen to defend the name of Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Taufik Jursal from Liga Semuda as OSYSL implementer said, the mechanism of selecting players to the Lion itself will run tight. Selected players will be collected in training camps to be selected and given knowledge.

“Our initial selection will select 20 players each region, not only from their quality during every regional game but at the end of the regional event we will prepare a test of ability from 80 selected children only 18 children who are selected to join the Lion Cup” He said.