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Alberto Moreno Absent Face West Brom

Alberto Moreno Absent Face West Brom

Coming to face West Bromwich Albion on Thursday early in the 17th week of the English League continued, Jurgen Klopp confirmed Alberto Moreno could not play yet.

The Spanish player, still injured after strengthening the Reds in a 7-0 victory over Spartak Moscow in the last round of Champions League group stage.

Even the players have to miss the game cons Brighton & Hove Albion and also Derby Merseyside which ended 1-1 cons Everton. Although previously Moreno could appear contest West Brom but Klopp in his conference called the former Sevilla still have to undergo the recovery process and coach berusi 50 years that also make sure some players will also be in rotation.

“Nothing serious after the last game but maybe one or two players will not play against West Brom,” Jurgen Klop told the media.

“Moreni is not fully prepared yet.”

While at The Baggies meet, the German coach also gave a strong signal will play Adam Lallana who has fully recovered and himself calls playing the England national team retainer in a busy game will be a great advantage.

Although shy to play it, but Jurgen signaled former Southampton will get a minute playing when the Red entertain team made by Alan Pardew.

“Adam is in good shape,” Klopp continued

“He practiced normally. We need him for the following week.

“We should not need it tomorrow, we still need to see how we can bring it to fitness for the game.”

While with the absence of Moreno then the left-back position is now occupied by Andrew Robertson and in expect players who d boyong from Hull City was able to show the best quality.

Noted the Scottish national team retainer has been featured as four matches in which two matches entered as a substitute and two other matches appear as a starter and it is very different when he was still strengthening Hull where appear regular and scored four goals.

Andrew Robertson Frustrated at Liverpool

Andrew Robertson Frustrated at Liverpool

Liverpool’s new left-back, Andrew Robertson admitted really very frustrated at Anfield after rarely appear in the main squad.

Noted since imported from Hull City in the summer transfer market, the Scottish national team retainer has just appeared twice in the Premier League and the lack of play because the player lost to compete with James Milner and also Alberto Moreno.

Although still ruled out by Jurgen Klopp but the 23-year-old player will still think positive where his presence can strengthen the left back line of the Merseyside club.

“James Milner has been playing in left-back position throughout the season and many people think Moreno’s career is over at Liverpool but he is working very hard in training to improve his career here,” Andrew Robertson told the media.

“He has been playing well since he came here. It frustrates me because my arrival may have motivated him, but I am sure I have given Liverpool two good left-backs. “

Keown: Chelsea Still Troubled

Keown: Chelsea Still Troubled

Arsenal football legend Martin Keown claimed Chelsea in the opening game of the English League 2017-2018 last weekend when Burnley did not play like a champion at all.

Where, the match that took place at Stamford Bridge The Blues had to swallow 3-2 defeat and drew him foster Antonio Conte must conceded three goals in the first half through two goals Sam Vokes and also Stephen Ward. While the host can only minimize lags through Alvaro Morata and also David Luiz.

Even the deterioration of West London clubs more clear after Gary Cahill and also Cesc Fabregas should be rewarded red card by the referee. After watching the game the 51-year-old man was frustrated Conte assessed the slow transfer is really evident in the game Saturday night.

“Chelsea did not look like a champion, they were arguing with each other,” Martin Keown told the media.

“And there are some real problems there.”

OFFICIAL! Youngster Manchester United Demands Science at Crystal Palace

OFFICIAL! Youngster Manchester United Demands Science at Crystal Palace

Manchester United gives an opportunity to young players, Timothy Fosu-Mensah to gain knowledge at other clubs with a status as a loan for a season. The lucky club to get the services of the 19-year-old player is Crystal Palace.

Fosu-Mensah officially introduced as a new player The Eagles on Friday (10/8) local time. He also immediately joined with his teammates as well as running the first day of practice.

Palace feel excited to get youngster Manchester United is known as a versatile player.

“Timothy Fosu-Mensah has joined Crystal Palace FC through a loan deal for a season from Manchester United. He will be wearing the back number 24 and is a recruit that can play in several positions in the back and midfield, “said Crytsal Palace revelation on its official website.

Get well with Frank De Boer

Palace manager, Frank De Boer believes the presence of Fosu-Mensah will make his team stronger. The Dutchman himself is familiar with the figure Fosu-Mensah when the star is still listed as a member at the Ajax Amsterdam football academy.

De Boer is well aware of the power possessed by Fosu-Mensah that he is projected to be one of the core players in his 4-3-3 formation.

“Timothy is a player who has good speed and incredible physical strength. In the game now, you need players with power and speed. He can also play in midfield, “said De Boer.

“I see it as a right center back in our system. But, he can also play as a full back in a 4-3-3 formation, “he said. (Source: Evening Standard / The42)

Chamberlain Denies Rumors Liverpool

Chamberlain Denies Rumors Liverpool

England midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, denied rumors about the Liverpool side has given an offer of 28 million Pounds Sterling to the Arsenal Link Alternatif Sbobet.

The 23-year-old actor considers the media to proclaim him as not based on the truth.

Chambelain confirmed that he was not at all interested in joining the Reds, and decided to stay in the Gunners.

In an interview, Chamberlain said “I’m going to Liverpool? Of course that’s not true. ”

“For me the news media is just a nonsense.”

“My future? Surely I will stay at Arsenal. ”

“And I do not care about the news being circulated right now.”

Chris Sutton: Chelsea will have trouble without Matic

Chris Sutton: Chelsea will have trouble without Matic

Former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton believes that Nemanja Matic’s departure to Manchester United this summer will leave a problem for the team he once defended.

For the past five seasons, the 29-year-old from Benfica in 2013 has really given fresh air especially for the midfield of the team, where the Serb national team retainer has given three Premier League titles, FA Cup and also League Cup for the Blues. However, this year the player decided to return to work with Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford and reportedly transfer the value reached 40 million Pounds.

That way, then the appearance of West London club will be reduced. Proven during pre-season to Asia, especially in Singapore. Courtois Cs had to swallow each defeat of Bayern Munich and also Inter Milan which makes coach Antonio Conte not satisfied. Although Chelsea have a new face that brought Tiemoue Bakayoko from Monaco.

However, the 44-year-old Sutton is not enough, where Conte must bring new ammunition again to Stamford Bridge, especially players who positioned midfielder article 2017-2018 competition Chelsea will return to follow the Champions League last season’s Premier League champions.

“He will obviously lose for Chelsea,”

“They will feel Bakayoko is a similar substitute.

“I do not think Chelsea will have the power of endalam and they also have to compete in Europe this season.

“They will definitely have problems in the midfield area.

“Chelsea already have Kante and Tiemoue Bakayoko but they need more this season,” Chris Sutton told the media.

Meanwhile, Danny Drinkwater who is currently strengthening Leicester City touted is the right substitute for Matic and is reported now that both parties are in talks to reach agreement on the transfer value and duration of the player’s contract during at Stamford Bridge.