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Two U-19 national team players to Bali United

Two U-19 national team players to Bali United

Playing in the Asian Champions League makes Bali United bring a number of new ammunition Taruhan bola. This time they inaugurated two players who currently defend the national team of Indonesia U-19 namely Hanis Saghara and Feby Eka Putra.

Of course this recruitment is very interesting considering both are currently only 18 years old. Both will get a long contract of four years.

“I think we know if one of Bali’s commitment is to develop young talent in Indonesia. Therefore we contract two players with a duration of four-year contract, “said Widodo Cahyono Putro in live broadcast on Bali TV.

Seriously develop young players

Bali United itself is known as a club that often develops young players. Even in addition to recruiting these two players, they also promote four players dropout Bali United U-19.

The four players mentioned are Agung Widnyana, Arapenta Purba, Muhammad Ramdhan, and Rahmad Hidayat. Later their status will be trial with the senior team. “I hope they quickly adapt to the culture in Bali because the nature of respect in Bali is very prominent,” said Widodo C Putro.

Former Sriwijaya FC coach is also hoping later senior players in Bali United to be able to help them develop a career.

“I also hope senior players in Bali United can guide his younger siblings,” he concluded.

Recruitment of these two players also do not escape the interference of Indra Sjafri who is a former national team coach U-19. Indra who helped the two players process to Bali United. Especially since both of them have also decided to join together with Tridatu soldiers.

“I chose here because it is a good and modern team, hopefully I am here to develop my talent and show the best for the Bali team,” said Hanis.

Syafrianto Asks Padang Players to Play Off

Syafrianto Asks Padang Players to Play Off

Coach Semen Padang, Syafrianto Rusli, asked his players to play without the burden when facing a dead fight against Perseru Serui on Saturday (28/10/2017), at Stadium H Agus Salim Padang.

Semen Padang desperately needs a victory in order to escape from the degradation zone. Currently Kabau Sirah, nickname Semen Padang, is in the order to-16 which is the top position of the degradation zone.

“They have to play according to the strategy we train. They play off just do not have a mental burden. If playing with the mental burden will damage the game, “said Syafrianto, Friday (27/10/2017).

“After fighting against Persija I have three days to prepare the team, I have trained taktikal survive and attack and mentally the players with a motivator,” he explained again.

Syafrianto who is a former football coach PON West Sumatra is optimistic to win the game later.

“If you look at the condition of the players during training, I am optimistic to win, we have done so in order to achieve victory,” he said.

If it fails to achieve full points, Semen Padang is almost certainly down the caste next season. This is what makes the coach has no choice but to bring Semen Padang win.

“Just one word in the game this time, win. No other. We should not slip, “he explained.

Print Goal for Persib, Kim Jeffrey Not Satisfied

Print Goal for Persib, Kim Jeffrey Not Satisfied

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan became the savior Persib Bandung when entertained Persiba Balikpapan at Batakan Stadium, Sunday (01/10/2017). Sebiji goal in the game, saving Persib from defeat. The final score of the game 2-2.

For Kim, this is his first goal for Persib, this season. However, Kim himself admitted not too thinking about his goal. The reason, Persib failed to bring home three points.

“It’s not important that I score goals, I prefer Persib to win or play better than scoring goals,” said Kim, when met at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, Monday (2/10/2017).

Kim himself mentioned, he was not satisfied with the appearance of opponents Persiba, despite scoring a goal. “Yes, despite scoring goals, not good because Persib did not win,” he said. “But, at least, we’re not too shy because the result is a draw.”

Kim admitted, he was sting disappointed with the results in Balikpapan. However, he is reluctant to referee black referee, although the court judged much to give a favorable decision for Persiba.

Most importantly, Kim said, at this time, Persib should rise and look at the next game. “All the players have been working maximally, we can not be satisfied draw let alone the opponents of teams that are ranked 17. There is self-esteem at stake,” said Kim.

Bad play

Kim did not argue, opponents Persiba, Persib is not playing well. “We have to improve our game There is still one training week, before meeting Barito Putera,” Kim said. “Hopefully all players can improve their respective performances,” Kim said.

Kim also claimed to not believe the luck factor. “Because, if we play well we should win without any help. Persiba fight, Persib game is again less good,” he asserted.

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

After the success of Myanmar, Indonesia U-19 national team has been waiting for the Philippines in the next game. The Philippines match counter Garuda Nusantara takes place tonight at local time at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Mynamar in advanced Group B AFF Cup U-18 2017.

In the match against Myanmar, Indra Sjafri’s troops show their quality. Indonesia U-19 national team dominated control of the ball up to 67 percent and launched 25 shots, 10 of which led to the goal.

Even so, Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends clearly should not be negligent. The reason is, the Philippines save a dangerous power of shock, especially their attack line. The Philippines had twice the lead over Brunei Darussalam, before losing 2-3.

Mariano Suba and Tacardon are the Filipino goalscorers in the match against Brunei. However, Garuda Nusantara also has a row of players who become a threat for The Young Azkals.

Three key players Indonesian national team U-19 can be a differentiator in the game later. Egy Maulana Vikri, Saddil Ramdani, and Hanis Saghara shine against Myanmar and potentially repeat it.

1.Egy Maulana Vikri

Indonesian national team player U-19, Egy Maulana Vikri. ( Sikumbang)
Egy had a great chance to break the Philippine goalkeeper. Not just any predictions, statistics and performance in the fight against Myanmar could be one of consideration.

Players from Medan that play more flexible, or versatille in the stronghold of Indonesia. Egy can be placed as a second striker or attacking midfielder. In fact, the original position is winger.

The 17-year-old scored twice against Myanmar. The accuracy of the operand reaches 74 percent. It becomes proof Egy is the foundation of the U-19 national team Indonesia.

2.Saddil Ramdani

Saddil Ramdani has a wonderful memory when Filipino opponents are at U-22 level. Persela Lamongan player scored beautiful goals and became one of Indonesia’s 3-0 star victory over the Philippines in SEA Games 2017 ago.

His experience is very useful when strengthen U-19 national team opponents Philippines later. He certainly already knows the typical game of his opponent’s candidate.

The speed and experience of Saddil required Indra Sjafri to tear down the Philippine defense. It is worth waiting for the action at Thuwunna Stadium, Thursday (7/8) later.

3.Hanis Saghara

Hanis gets enough praise after the game against Myanmar. Although not scored, several times he opens opportunities. One of them was 24 minutes when he worked with Saddil who unfortunately did not bear sweet.

Its performance as the spearhead of the team is very much taken into account. Hanis is predicted to be one of Indonesia’s future strikers.

Nevertheless, Hanis should be more mobile again on the front lines. His cooperation with Egy is good. Only, the final solution is less sharp. He at least fired six shots, but did not bear maximum opponents of Myanmar.

Persebaya No Problem Without Viewers in Tuban

Persebaya No Problem Without Viewers in Tuban

Coming to the headquarters of Persatu Tuban in advanced League 2, management Persebaya Surabaya get the news, the match that was held at Loka Jaya Stadium, Monday (28/08/2017), certainly without the audience Agen Sbobet. Even so the team nicknamed the Green Force is not concerned about it.

According to the confession of Persebaya team manager, Chairul Basalama, the match that was held without the audience did not affect anything for Rendi Irwan et al. “We as a guest team no matter if Persatu Persebaya opponent’s game without the audience,” said Chairul, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

If indeed the party continued phase 5 Group 2 without the audience, Persebaya will not be harmed at all at the decision taken by Tuban Polres.

“It’s a bit strange if the game is completely without spectators, because the two teams have no problems inside or outside the pitch, but what if the decision is so, we as the visitors do not feel harmed,” added the Middle Eastern-looking man.

Even so, the management of Persebaya desires to give a spectacle to their supporters, namely Bonekmania.

“Later if if not also broadcast live on television, we will still try to broadcast the game either through social media or streaming,” he explained.

The group match of Persebaya group, almost entirely get guard from Bonekmania, if the game will be held without the audience, will not have any impact for Bajol Ijo team game, it is emphasized directly by coach Angel Alfredo Vera.

“No problem, we still play as usual, no effect for the team (Persebaya Surabaya) is,” said Alfredo.