Alberto Moreno Absent Face West Brom

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Alberto Moreno Absent Face West Brom

Coming to face West Bromwich Albion on Thursday early in the 17th week of the English League continued, Jurgen Klopp confirmed Alberto Moreno could not play yet.

The Spanish player, still injured after strengthening the Reds in a 7-0 victory over Spartak Moscow in the last round of Champions League group stage.

Even the players have to miss the game cons Brighton & Hove Albion and also Derby Merseyside which ended 1-1 cons Everton. Although previously Moreno could appear contest West Brom but Klopp in his conference called the former Sevilla still have to undergo the recovery process and coach berusi 50 years that also make sure some players will also be in rotation.

“Nothing serious after the last game but maybe one or two players will not play against West Brom,” Jurgen Klop told the media.

“Moreni is not fully prepared yet.”

While at The Baggies meet, the German coach also gave a strong signal will play Adam Lallana who has fully recovered and himself calls playing the England national team retainer in a busy game will be a great advantage.

Although shy to play it, but Jurgen signaled former Southampton will get a minute playing when the Red entertain team made by Alan Pardew.

“Adam is in good shape,” Klopp continued

“He practiced normally. We need him for the following week.

“We should not need it tomorrow, we still need to see how we can bring it to fitness for the game.”

While with the absence of Moreno then the left-back position is now occupied by Andrew Robertson and in expect players who d boyong from Hull City was able to show the best quality.

Noted the Scottish national team retainer has been featured as four matches in which two matches entered as a substitute and two other matches appear as a starter and it is very different when he was still strengthening Hull where appear regular and scored four goals.

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