Two U-19 national team players to Bali United

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Two U-19 national team players to Bali United

Playing in the Asian Champions League makes Bali United bring a number of new ammunition Taruhan bola. This time they inaugurated two players who currently defend the national team of Indonesia U-19 namely Hanis Saghara and Feby Eka Putra.

Of course this recruitment is very interesting considering both are currently only 18 years old. Both will get a long contract of four years.

“I think we know if one of Bali’s commitment is to develop young talent in Indonesia. Therefore we contract two players with a duration of four-year contract, “said Widodo Cahyono Putro in live broadcast on Bali TV.

Seriously develop young players

Bali United itself is known as a club that often develops young players. Even in addition to recruiting these two players, they also promote four players dropout Bali United U-19.

The four players mentioned are Agung Widnyana, Arapenta Purba, Muhammad Ramdhan, and Rahmad Hidayat. Later their status will be trial with the senior team. “I hope they quickly adapt to the culture in Bali because the nature of respect in Bali is very prominent,” said Widodo C Putro.

Former Sriwijaya FC coach is also hoping later senior players in Bali United to be able to help them develop a career.

“I also hope senior players in Bali United can guide his younger siblings,” he concluded.

Recruitment of these two players also do not escape the interference of Indra Sjafri who is a former national team coach U-19. Indra who helped the two players process to Bali United. Especially since both of them have also decided to join together with Tridatu soldiers.

“I chose here because it is a good and modern team, hopefully I am here to develop my talent and show the best for the Bali team,” said Hanis.

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