Print Goal for Persib, Kim Jeffrey Not Satisfied

Print Goal for Persib, Kim Jeffrey Not Satisfied

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan became the savior Persib Bandung when entertained Persiba Balikpapan at Batakan Stadium, Sunday (01/10/2017). Sebiji goal in the game, saving Persib from defeat. The final score of the game 2-2.

For Kim, this is his first goal for Persib, this season. However, Kim himself admitted not too thinking about his goal. The reason, Persib failed to bring home three points.

“It’s not important that I score goals, I prefer Persib to win or play better than scoring goals,” said Kim, when met at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, Monday (2/10/2017).

Kim himself mentioned, he was not satisfied with the appearance of opponents Persiba, despite scoring a goal. “Yes, despite scoring goals, not good because Persib did not win,” he said. “But, at least, we’re not too shy because the result is a draw.”

Kim admitted, he was sting disappointed with the results in Balikpapan. However, he is reluctant to referee black referee, although the court judged much to give a favorable decision for Persiba.

Most importantly, Kim said, at this time, Persib should rise and look at the next game. “All the players have been working maximally, we can not be satisfied draw let alone the opponents of teams that are ranked 17. There is self-esteem at stake,” said Kim.

Bad play

Kim did not argue, opponents Persiba, Persib is not playing well. “We have to improve our game There is still one training week, before meeting Barito Putera,” Kim said. “Hopefully all players can improve their respective performances,” Kim said.

Kim also claimed to not believe the luck factor. “Because, if we play well we should win without any help. Persiba fight, Persib game is again less good,” he asserted.

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