Isco Commented Madrid’s defeat at the Bernabeu

Isco Commented Madrid’s defeat at the Bernabeu

Isco spoke about the huge pressure experienced by every Real Madrid playing at the Santiago Bernabeu.

25-year-old player was featured as a starter when Madrid lost 0-1 from Real Betis, early this morning. And this is the third home game for madrid in this muisim, but none of them reach kemenagnan.

“We became awkward when not scoring quick goals,” Isco told local media.

“There were a few moments in the past when we recorded a fantastic comeback in the final minutes of the game and scored when we were not panyas, but we can not rely on it anymore.”

“The better this bad performance is now than at the end of the season because there’s time to fix it, we’ve got up from a worse situation than this.”

Madrid itself is currently ranked seventh La Liga standings, seven points behind Barcelona who achieved a record slick in five domestic matches.

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