Persebaya No Problem Without Viewers in Tuban

Persebaya No Problem Without Viewers in Tuban

Coming to the headquarters of Persatu Tuban in advanced League 2, management Persebaya Surabaya get the news, the match that was held at Loka Jaya Stadium, Monday (28/08/2017), certainly without the audience Agen Sbobet. Even so the team nicknamed the Green Force is not concerned about it.

According to the confession of Persebaya team manager, Chairul Basalama, the match that was held without the audience did not affect anything for Rendi Irwan et al. “We as a guest team no matter if Persatu Persebaya opponent’s game without the audience,” said Chairul, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

If indeed the party continued phase 5 Group 2 without the audience, Persebaya will not be harmed at all at the decision taken by Tuban Polres.

“It’s a bit strange if the game is completely without spectators, because the two teams have no problems inside or outside the pitch, but what if the decision is so, we as the visitors do not feel harmed,” added the Middle Eastern-looking man.

Even so, the management of Persebaya desires to give a spectacle to their supporters, namely Bonekmania.

“Later if if not also broadcast live on television, we will still try to broadcast the game either through social media or streaming,” he explained.

The group match of Persebaya group, almost entirely get guard from Bonekmania, if the game will be held without the audience, will not have any impact for Bajol Ijo team game, it is emphasized directly by coach Angel Alfredo Vera.

“No problem, we still play as usual, no effect for the team (Persebaya Surabaya) is,” said Alfredo.

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